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  1. Blue Force Gear Releases Three New Trauma Kits

    Today, 04:45 AM

    Blue Force Gear Releases Three New Trauma Kits

    A chunk of the TFB crew has been spending the last couple of days down in southeastern Texas at Bridle Iron South testing and running some of the newest equipment released to the gun industry. Brad from Blue Force Gear was kind enough to come down for the event and run us through some life-saving medical training as well as show us some of the newest trauma kits BFG has to offer. The three new trauma kits were teased back during TFB’s Gun Fest 2021 but have now finally been released to the Blue Force Gear store.To get more news about medical kits, you can visit official website.

    The first of the new kits is the Nano Trauma Kit. The Nano is aimed at the EDC community to drop right in your pocket or pouch. The Nano contains a hemostatic agent, a pressure wrap, and a set of gloves. This is meant to supplement the normal carry of your tourniquet along with any other life-saving gear you may save.
    In response to the popular Micro Trauma Kit, some users complained that the Micro would not fit standard-sized medical components. Blue Force Gear decided to up the size of the Micro Trauma Kit with the Micro PLUS+ about 30% and can now carry full-sized (6″) pressure dressings and chest seals as opposed to the proprietary ones that came with the Micro.

    Finally, the Trauma Kit SMALL is the newest addition to the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit lineup. The Trauma Kit SMALL features two sets of gloves, hemostatic gauze, compressed gauze, a decompression needle, nasal airway, a hypothermia blanket, tape, a 6″ pressure dressing, and full-sized chest seals.

    All three of the kits will be available in essentials, pro, and advanced configuration depending on the level of training you have, your budget and personal preferences. The customer can basically put together any type of kit they want and even purchase each of the pouches “A La Carte” so they can fill them out as they see fit.
    Items for Your First Aid Kit
    Let’s talk about a few different types of first aid kits and some of the items you may want to include in these kits. I’ll also talk about a few of my first aid kits and the items in those kits. From the gunshot wound kit to the range kit, and of course, the boo-boo kit.

    The Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is often an ankle-worn kit and part of one’s everyday carry. Most of the pre-packaged IFAKs include a tourniquet (TQ), medical scissors, clotting gauze, chest seal(s), and pressure bandage. Some people may even include nitrile gloves in their IFAKs.

    Even if you carry a pocket knife every day, it is still recommended that you include medical scissors as part of your kit. Under stress, it would be very easy to fillet yourself or your patient with a pocket knife while trying to remove their clothing. Medical scissors are rounded to prevent you from cutting flesh.
    The Range Kit or Gun Shot Wound (GSW) kit is a step up from the IFAK. It’s often slightly larger because one can simply include the GSW kit as part of their range bag. the range kit will often include everything the IFAK includes but may also include multiple of the same items, larger “Israeli” style pressure bandages, or larger chest seals. The range kit should also include a black marker for marking your TQ. Actually, your IFAK should include the marker, but space is sometimes an issue with an IFAK.
  2. Taiwan helping Haiti get bullet-proof vests for its police

    Today, 04:32 AM

    Taiwan helping Haiti get bullet-proof vests for its police

    Taiwan is helping Haiti buy bullet-proof vests and other personal protective equipment from Taiwanese manufacturers, the island's foreign ministry said on Tuesday, as security in the Caribbean country worsens.To get more news about green bulletproof vest, you can visit official website.

    Haiti is facing acute fuel shortages due to a blockade by a coalition of gangs demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, with economic activity coming to a halt and many hospitals forced to close.Taiwan's foreign ministry said the government was helping the Haitian government buy personal protective equipment such as bullet-proof vests from Taiwanese manufacturers.
    Ministry spokeswoman, Joanne Ou, said the help was being "in order to enhance the ability of the Haitian police to perform duties and respond to the calls of the international community and like-minded countries to improve public security in Haiti".Taiwan is also cooperating with the U.S. charity Food For The Poor to provide rice to Haiti, she said.

    Taiwan's embassy in Haiti is operating normally but would make "adjustments" depending on the situation, Ou said.

    Japan said on Monday it had temporarily closed its embassy in Haiti due to the worsening security and humanitarian situation there.
  3. How Do Smart Locks Work?

    Today, 04:09 AM

    How Do Smart Locks Work?

    “How do smart locks work?” is a question that we get from a lot of people interested in bolstering their home security, and we get it. Security is not a joke. You don’t want to put all of your faith in a piece of technology you don’t understand, you want to make sure that you know how it works so you can be 100% sure your property is safe. To get more news about best fingerprint front door lock, you can visit official website.

    Samsung has used the same innovation and technology used for their other appliances to create smart locks that are full of features, but also easy to understand.

    How do smart locks work?
    A smart lock is a unit that is installed in an existing door (either attaching to the door’s deadbolt lock or replacing it with a new locking mechanism). No matter what kind of door you have, it will be able to fit a smart lock, requiring only a small amount of modification at the most which can be easily implemented by a carpenter.
    Once installed, you have complete control over the smart lock, locking and unlocking your door either physically or remotely via your smartphone using an app. Through either a Wi-Fi or data connection, the app sends a command to the lock, telling it to lock or unlock.

    Smart locks operate on standalone batteries, so a power failure on your property will not affect the lock's operation. Depending on daily usage volumes, batteries typically last 12 month.
    What are the additional features of a smart lock?
    Remote Unlocking
    Using a smartphone app, you can unlock your door anywhere, at any time. Not only do you not need to carry keys, you don’t even need to be close by. All you need is a Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection.

    Notice of Arrival
    Not only can smart locks provide you with enhanced security, they also give you added peace of mind. Using the app, you can view a digital record of everybody that has interacted with your smart lock; including what time they did it, and whether they entered or exited.

    Duration Key for Regular Visitors
    One of the problems with old-fashioned locks is having to hide a spare key for somebody else to use. That was such a cumbersome process. With smart locks, you can grant regular visitors a key to unlock the door at exact days and times that you specify using your app.

    One-Time Passwords
    If you’ve got a guest that needs a key for a single time, you can provide that key in the form of a one-time use password that grants them access.

    Types of Smart Locks
    Smart locks are a new kind of lock that uses technological advancements in order to provide new avenues for convenience and effectiveness regarding home security. Samsung has different kinds of locks to meet the needs of different homes, each with their own features and builds. Here is a smart guide to the way in which each of these smart lock types work.

    Deadbolt Door Locks
    Deadbolts are a tried and tested method of keeping doors locked, so we understand if you’re not ready to part ways with your deadbolt lock. Deadbolt door locks combine the enhanced control and sophisticated technology of a smart lock with the classic deadbolt mechanism to provide you with effective home security.
  4. Associate of Science in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design

    Today, 03:41 AM

    Associate of Science in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design

    Advancements in technology have enabled today's industries to embrace Computer-Aided Drafting and Design in ways never thought possible. ECPI University's computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) program provides the technical skills needed to enter various engineering fields. As a student, you can expect to problem-solve your way through different engineering systems using industry-standard computer design software and equipment.To get more news about computer drafting and design, you can visit shine news official website.

    Through a hands-on curriculum, you'll establish a solid foundation of practical skills in multi-dimensional drawings, models, and designs to support different engineering projects. CADD designers and operators are the brilliant minds behind some of the products you use every day. With help from innovative design software and tools, their ideas are turned into real-world objects that help not only individuals but entire industries.
    Program Objectives
    Though a year-round schedule, you could earn an Associate of Science in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design in as little as 1.5 years! Graduates of the A.S. Computer-Aided Drafting & Design program are expected to accomplish the following objectives:
    Apply acquired technical and analytical skills related to professional positions in electrical, mechanical, architectural, civil, and related industries.
    Develop engineering drawings, models, and designs as applied to various engineering fields.
    Pursue lifelong learning and successful professional careers.
    Perform as useful team members through adequate oral and written communication skills.
    Relate and exercise an informed judgment regarding professional and ethical responsibilities.
    Program Outcomes
    Students in the A.S. Computer-Aided Drafting & Design program will learn to use drafting software to create and visualize design concepts for product manufacturing, architectural designs, and civil infrastructure planning. Upon completion, you will be expected to:

    Apply the knowledge, techniques, skills, and tools to various engineering fields.
    Create digital and physical prototypes using software tools and rapid prototyping technologies.
    Perform relevant analysis on parts and assemblies by applying tools within CAD software.
    Operate effectively as a member or leader on a technical team.
    Employ written, oral, and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical areas.
  5. Are Full-Suspension Electric Bikes Safer?

    Today, 03:05 AM

    Are Full-Suspension Electric Bikes Safer?

    As is known to all, suspensions have been applied to every car. They are built to absorb tires' energy so drivers can smooth out those bumpy roads. What about ebikes? Definitely, with two tires, electric bikes can be equipped with the suspension to provide a better riding experience for ebike riders. But, we have to make it clear: not all electric bikes come with suspension. After all, they can work as a rigid ebike.To get more news about [ul=]ebike with suspension[/url], you can visit official website.

    When we mention suspension on ebikes, full-suspension ebikes must be a topic that we can’t miss. All the time we can see everyone on the internet saying that they are great in terms of their performance, or something like that. Also, others think they are overrated and expensive, wondering if full-suspension ebikes are worth the money. They are just some of the most asked questions. Recently, another question about full-suspension ebikes comes to us: Are they safer? Well, today we will dig into this topic.
    Hardtail Ebikes
    We think that it is quite easy to understand what is special about this kind of ebikes. “Hardtail” means that the rear part lacks suspension. To put it simply, hardtail ebikes are equipped with only front suspension. When you are riding on a hardtail ebike on bumpy roads, the front wheel is able to smooth out the bumps while the rear part can be a little bit tough and hard.
    However, there are still advantages to hardtail ebikes. Usually, they are much lighter than full-suspension ebikes as they have only one front suspension fork. When it comes to electric mountain bike riding, it will be much easier and safer. Also, their speed can be a lot faster with less weight, but this is not absolute. If the full suspension ebike is equipped with a more powerful motor than that of a hardtail bike, the hardtail ebike is not faster necessarily. Also, another important factor is the price. With the incomplete suspension system, hardtail ebikes cost much less than full suspension ebikes.
    Full Suspension Ebikes
    Literally, a full-suspension ebike has a full-suspension system. The system could include a rear and a front suspension fork. Also, some frames of full-suspension ebikes are designed to be more adaptable to vibration, absorbing much shock on roads. In real life, this sort of ebike is called Softail ebikes as the rear part of them is kind of soft while riding over bumps.

    To be honest, a full-suspension ebike is a better choice for skilled riders, making crazy moves. The full suspension system guarantees their safety while hitting the ground. Imagine when you hit the ground on a rigid ebike from a high position, what will happen? Chances are you may fall and hurt yourself. Moreover, even though you reach the ground safely, your arms, hands, butt, and even the whole body can be sore and uncomfortable due to the strong shock. That is one of the reasons why people don’t ride off-road with rigid ebikes.

    Basically, a full-suspension electric bike for adults could absorb shock and dampen vibration wherever you are riding on it. You are going to have the most comfortable rides you’ve ever had. Also, as for safety, when it comes to making moves, you are going to get the most out of your skills on a full-suspension ebike. It is just like the difference between PS4 and PS5.

    Of course, a better ebike comes at a higher cost. As I said above, full-suspension ebikes are more expensive than normal ebikes. So you’d better think twice before making a decision. As for their greater weight, well, we do think that it makes no difference since most ebikes are heavy enough.
    The quality of an ebike affects your safety greatly. To put it simply, when you are riding halfway and your brakes don’t work, your tires are flat, and your handlebars are loose and moving around, how are you safe? These little examples can lead to tragedies easily, which are closely related to quality.

    Normally, to provide a better experience and performance, ebike manufacturers try their best to apply high-quality materials to the process of producing a full-suspension ebike. However, we couldn’t say that every ebike brand will do so. Some electric bike manufacturers will use low-quality materials to get the cost down so that they can sell more of their trash ebikes.

    Talking about quality, we must say a self-owned factory makes a huge difference, just like that of Magicycle. Whenever we got issues or advice about our ebike, Magicycle is able to make changes and improvements as soon as possible with its own factory, saving unnecessary procedures. With a factory that is owned by others, any ebike brand can lose some efficiency when it comes to making improvements as they have to spend time communicating with the factory.

    Full Suspension System
    The suspension system is the key to why full suspension ebikes are safer. While riding on rugged terrain with ebikes without suspension, you will possibly fall and hurt yourself because of some unseen rocks and bumps. Here we recommend you don’t ride off-road with an electric bike without suspension. With a full-suspension system, the ebike can not only absorb shocks and dampen vibration from bumpy roads, but provide smooth control and handling. In this way, you are going to ride stably and stay safer.


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