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  1. Geopolitical shocks and currencies

    Today, 06:18 AM

    Geopolitical shocks and currencies

    At the time of writing, tensions between Russia and Ukraine had bubbled over into real conflict, with Russian troops advancing on Ukraine’s major cities on February 24.To get more news about Hantec亨达国际金融, you can visit official website.

    When major geopolitical tensions emerge, FX markets are impacted. Although the issues can be wide-ranging, from trade wars, to changes in political leadership and pandemics, the resulting volatility in currency markets often follows broad trends. Here, we explain how the situation in Russia-Ukraine fits with this playbook.In response to recent aggressions against Ukraine, a number of world leaders from a growing number of countries including the US, Australia, Japan and UK have applied sanctions on Russia to exert political and financial pressure.
    By the end of February, the global payments messaging system, SWIFT, which banks use to transact internationally had been cut off to a number of Russian banks, and crucially the Russian central bank, meaning hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign reserves are now inaccessible.1

    Europe has severed ties with some Russian energy suppliers — Germany halted approval of the soon-to-be opened Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia on February 24, and Finnish and Swedish refiners have suspended purchases of Russian oil.2 Perhaps as importantly, oil traders are shunning highly discounted Russian crude for fear of not being able to transact due to payment sanctions, and are instead opting to buy Middle Eastern crude at inflated prices.

    These developments, among others, have massive ramifications for the global economy, and because of this environment of uncertainty, investors are looking to preserve capital in safe markets.
    Markets hate uncertainty. Some traders like some volatility — enough to make a few percent here or there — but overall the big players put a lot of time and effort into building financial models with mostly predictable inputs like a country’s growth rate, inflation settings, and for equity markets, consumer trends, a company’s capital investments etc.

    All financial models factor in a bit of risk in case they missed something in their assumptions, or some unforeseen event occurs, but major conflagrations are a different story. Events like global conflict are very difficult to model, certainly in the short term as things move so quickly. This can force investors to make the difficult call to hold onto a position and hope that things settle down, or take early losses before markets fall further.

    Generally, once broad-based selling occurs, the herd mentality common to markets takes effect and the financial impact can be pronounced.

    For example, in June 2016, when the UK voted on leaving the EU, the pound saw an unprecedented drop in value as soon as it became clear that the ‘leave’ campaign had won. The currency plummeted from a high of 1.50 USD to under 1.33 USD, dropping more than 10% in just one day. Shockwaves reverberated around the global economy, with huge sell offs across global equity markets and risk assets, based on the uncertainty of the shift in geopolitical order.In the midst of a crisis, it can feel like the beginning of a long, drawn out period of volatility. It’s human nature to forget the lessons of the past and place more emphasis on the present.

    But in reality, the time between a crisis and its nadir from an investment perspective is usually relatively short.

    With a bias towards negative news, markets will always be watching for geopolitical situations that might escalate, and even if they come to nothing, the perceived risk could still impact a country’s currency.

    For example, during the final round of the French election in 2017, right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen wanted to abandon the euro and return to the franc. Despite the fact she was an outside chance to win, this was enough to make markets nervous based on the potential blow to the cohesion of the European Union and greater geopolitical uncertainty. However, when pro-euro Macron was confirmed as the winner, investor confidence returned and the euro swiftly recovered its losses in a relief rally, reaching 6 month highs against USD, and then going on to gain around 10% in the 4 months following.

    When uncertainty is resolved quickly, geopolitical events can end up being just a blip and can have little bearing on a currency. However, if uncertainty is drawn out, this can lead to extended periods of downward pressure.

    In the case of Brexit, after the shock of the initial vote shook markets, the geopolitical tensions and uncertainty around trade deals was drawn out over three and a half years. During that time headlines around negotiation sticking points and missed deadlines created bursts of volatility and downward pressure on the pound. Eventually, once the final deal was struck at the end of 2019 a rally saw the pound recoup some of its losses.
  2. Introduction and properties of marine plywood for engineering material

    Today, 06:12 AM

    Introduction and properties of marine plywood for engineering material

    The marine plywood for engineering materials are made of marine plates, and the core layer is made of whole cores. It is combined in proportion and once formed. It uses Finnish imported Tiel glue, which has excellent weather resistance. It can be boiled for 72 hours without opening the glue. Floor. The use of good eucalyptus, eucalyptus wood for the production of core, the skin is a B-grade waterproof dough.To get more news about Medium density fibreboard, you can visit official website.
    The production process of marine materials for engineering materials is made by vacuuming and pressing drying, and is produced according to BS1088-2003 international standard. The marine board for engineering materials is one of the commonly used materials for high-end furniture. It is a kind of wood-based panel, which can improve the utilization rate of wood and is the main way to save wood.

    The marine material for engineering materials has strong water resistance. Take a piece of 100*100mm marine plate and put it into boiling water for more than 4 hours. It will not open the rubber or rubber, which is the marine plywood. The density of the marine material for engineering materials is higher than that of ordinary plywood. It should be more than 1/4 round; generally have the inspection report of BS-1008, the marine plywood with flame retardant function should have the inspection report of BS-476, and the marine plywood for shipbuilding should have the product certification of the relevant society.
  3. Robots-as-a-service marks the dawn of a new era where robots are cheaper than human workers

    Today, 05:51 AM

    Robots-as-a-service marks the dawn of a new era where robots are cheaper than human workers

    Automation can be described as one of the foundations of artificial intelligence. In 250 BC, the world’s first artificial automatic self-regulatory system was invented by Greek inventor and mathematician Ctesibius. From 380 BC to the late 16th century, there was a major evolution of mechanised humans and automatons. Fast forward to 2022, we are seeing robots take over repetitive tasks that are mundane for human workers.To get more news about Robot Subscription, you can visit official website.

    While robots are not displacing humans just yet, they are also proving to be cheaper than human workers. With the rise of robotics-as-a-service startups like Formic, it is easier to hire a robot employee when human workers are in short supply.

    This is particularly true in the US where the country is seeing a wave of resignations and people are switching jobs fast. The industries susceptible to COVID-19 are no longer attractive and the jobs left behind by humans are being fulfilled by robots. Automation is widely adopted in the e-commerce and retail industry with Chinese e-commerce giant launching robot shops under its “ochama” brand in the Netherlands this month.

    But robots from Formic are trying to make inroads into manufacturing. Robotics-as-a-service (Raas) is a new business model where robots are offered as a service instead of being offered as a product. This model is usually pitched as an alternative for human workers doing an organisation’s manual, repetitive, less productive or hazardous jobs.The idea has found a new interest in the manufacturing industry where even the likes of John Deere has embraced the concept. It is in many ways akin to the software-as-a-service (SAAS) industry, where customers use the software but don’t necessarily own it. The robotics-as-a-service follows a pay-as-you-go or subscription service model. When an organisation signs up for this service, they usually lease robotic devices and cloud-based software instead of purchasing and assembling the robot outright.

    A report from ABI Research predicts there will be 1.3 million installations of RaaS by 2026 and these installations are expected to bring in €30B in revenue. Jose Figueroa​, a manager at Polar Manufacturing in the US, says that his company hired its first robot employee via RaaS last year. The robot leased from Formic is basically a robotic arm that performs “simple, repetitive” jobs.

    Figueroa​ told Wired that the robot costs the equivalent of $8 per hour, which is much lower than the minimum wage of $15 per hour for a human employee. The deployment of the robot has allowed a human worker to focus on different work and Polar Manufacturing has seen an increase in output.The robotics-as-a-service is helping smaller companies, that don’t have access to huge capital required to build robots, adopt robotics. “Smaller companies sometimes suffer because they can’t spend the capital to invest in new technology. We’re just struggling to get by with the minimum wage increase,” Figueroa says.

    Formic is a venture-backed startup focussed on deploying robotic automation in labour-starved industries. The startup has raised nearly €112M in funding and is focussing on food and beverage, advanced manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and other industrial settings.

    The startup’s business model is reminiscent of Uber in its early days. Formic does not build its own robots like the way Uber did not manufacture or own the cars on its platform. The startup buys standard robot arms and leases them with its own software. This model is being seen by many smaller companies as the path to the democratisation of robotics.

    Since its inception in 2020, the startup has deployed over 500 systems and along with over 100 system integrator partners, it claims to have more than 5,000 deployments. For companies that buy services from Formic, the real advantage is that they don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of euros upfront. They also can bypass the hurdle of buying the robot, assembling it and then programming the robot to meet their needs.

    Figueroa believes Polar Manufacturing will have at least 25 robots on its production line within five years. However, he doesn’t see these robots replacing any of the 70 employees on the production line. Formic’s robots are not designed to replace human jobs but are instead designed to take over for them with activities that are repetitive.

    Shahan Farshchi, an investor in Formic, says that the state of robotics today is similar to computing before personal computers were everywhere. While personal computing became affordable and accessible because of Microsoft and Intel, the robotics industry is likely to find many Microsoft and Intel to reach that stage. “We’re entering that same time now with robots,” Farshchi told Wired.

    Robots have been taking over for humans for a number of years and with every new year, they become more capable and easier to deploy. This makes them an ideal solution in a number of industries, but paying for robots to do all sorts of jobs is a trend that Formic wants to normalise. As companies like Formic gain recognition, there will be more receptivity for robotics-as-a-service and could lead to a further decline in price.
  4. AERTWORKS Becomes US Reseller for ARES CAD Software

    Today, 05:36 AM

    AERTWORKS Becomes US Reseller for ARES CAD Software

    Germany’s software firm Graebert has formed an agreement with US-based AERTWORKS, a provider of design and innovation management solutions, to resell Graebert’s ARES Trinity of 2D/3D CAD software for desktop, mobile, and cloud in the United States of America.To get more news about 2d drafting online, you can visit shine news official website.

    Graebert’s ARES CAD technology is based on the (.dwg) file format in native form, meaning the software is essentially fully native compatible with Autodesk’s AutoCAD; it can read, create, and modify files directly in the same format as AutoCAD, but for a fraction of the cost. ARES CAD technology at the desktop level feels largely familiar to its US rival’s software, from dialogs to keyboard commands, facilitating the ability for companies, teams, and individuals to transition from AutoCAD or another (.dwg) based CAD platform really easily.
    The ARES CAD technology is the leading alternative for (.dwg) based CAD systems after AutoCAD itself, with the second-largest installed base of CAD users in the world. This would include Graebert’s CAD technology as offered by Graebert’s OEM partners, importantly, DraftSigth by Dassault Systèmes. Millions of users globally work with ARES CAD technology every day, says the company.

    “We’re excited about this collaboration with Graebert. With its innovative Trinity concept, Graebert leads the transition to the next generation of integrated .DWG CAD,” says Britt Jonnaert, General Manager of AERTWORKS.”

    Graebert ARES’ unique collaboration features leverage the best functionality for desktop, cloud, and mobile to synchronize workflows across devices for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, whether you’re in the office, working from home, or on the road,” says Jonnaert. “It is the most versatile DWG CAD solution, for anything from freelance designers to large enterprise teams that need to collaborate across time zones, as well as provide optimized functionality to a distributed field force, providing secure and efficient access to all leading hosted and on-premise cloud platforms.”

    “We’re delighted to be working with AERTWORKS, whose team shares our extensive heritage in the CAD space,” says Wilfried Graebert, CEO of Graebert. “AERTWORKS has a proven sales track record in the USA, after successfully introducing other CAD solutions. Graebert is already a market leader in some European countries and the APAC region. Some reference customers include 3 of the ‘Big 5’ construction groups in Japan and leading manufacturers like LG, Hyundai, and Samsung. Our success in these markets is largely explained by our ability to adapt our innovative Trinity concept to the needs of large enterprise customers with thousands of users.”
  5. Best smart door locks 2022 to keep your home secure

    Today, 05:04 AM

    Best smart door locks 2022 to keep your home secure

    A smart lock is a door access mechanism that uses a technology more sophisticated than the humble key. This could mean any of a number of methods is used to unlock the door, including smartphone, fingerprint, fob, card or keycode entry. Many smart locks can be opened with several of these inputs.To get more news about best home security Supplier, you can visit official website.

    Choosing a smart lock is largely a question of finding one that’s compatible with the door you intend to install it in. Each smart lock will only work with certain doors, based on factors such as the type of lock already installed in the door, and the door’s thickness and material. Always check the product listing to ensure the lock is compatible with your door, before you buy.
    Another important consideration for many buyers is the method of operation. Some smart locks are relatively straightforward, with just a few unlocking methods such as fingerprint and keycode. Others add the capability to unlock the door remotely, or up close via Bluetooth, using a smartphone. This advanced category of smart locks can make it particularly easy to give people access to a property while you’re away.

    If you plan on installing your own smart lock, be aware that you may require a cordless drill to make the necessary holes in your door. Installing a lock can be a fairly involved DIY task, so we would advise watching an installation tutorial video for the relevant lock on YouTube, before you commit to doing the job yourself. Or, for an easier life, look up a smart lock installer in your area.
    The Ultraloq UL3 Series Smart Lock provides advanced security in an impressively accessible package. There are a fair few steps to follow, but these are well explained in the lock’s installation guide. An especially helpful feature was the drill template, which you can simply fold around the door and drill through.

    Perhaps the best thing about this lock is the wide range of secure ways it gives you to open the door, with fingerprint, code, smartphone and knock-to-open all supported, along with old-fashioned key entry. This generous mix of access methods can all be accessed via the lock’s connected app, which associates certain codes and fingerprints with the individuals you assign them to. This could come in very handy if you have lots of people coming and going from your property.

    We were impressed with the aesthetic of the UL3 Series. The two satin nickel handles (internal and external) are heavy and smooth, and the lock’s keypad looks sharp too.


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