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all the memories sank

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When love ends in the lips, cover the sound of the Casillas, the gull, the clarinet, the guitar - the story has not really begun, the backgrountory has not really begun, the frozen picture full of French style has led the audience to the memories of the hunchback old man living alone in this room. Large and small photo frames are covered with a wall, with a pale yellow hue, revealing a quiet and warmth. The old man is not sad or dissatisfied with the TV set. The room is full of lonely and lonely air. The old man smokes the cigarette with the old pipe as usual, drinks a glass of wine, says good night to himself, and then sleeps. I got up the next day, my feet on the floor, creaking - the water once again crossed the hut. The old-fashioned old man had to build a hut up one level at a time like a pile of wood. For so many years, he also forgot that this was the first time. The wind is also good, it rains, the old man is rushing to build the cottage faster. On the day of moving into a new home, I was in a hurry, and the pipe that had been with the old man for decades had sunk into the deep blue water and slowly became small until I could not see it Parliament Cigarettes. Picking it up, the hawker's pipe did not have a favorite, so he bought a diving suit, sneaked into the deep blue water, and also traveled to the memory of the sea and did not fall into a deep place. Just dive down one or two layers and found the trail. However, the pick of the pipe, suddenly there are thousands of pictures flooding into the mind, like opening the gates of the years, memories are always so much, then so turbulent: many years ago, you were still in the same time A place picked up the falling pipe for me, and the iron door was opened. The old houses on the first floor were visited, and a can of dusty memories was reopened. As the picture advances, the old man sneaked into the deeper and deeper seabed, and he was greeted by the revelation as more and more distant memories. From the husband who was sick at the time of bed to the birth of his daughter, all of them passed by. However, the old man stopped at the bottom of the sea and spent a long and long time missing the wife of the childhood friend. He missed the wife who built the house together. He missed the old man who smiled at the dinner table and smiled at him. He used to spend a long time missing everything in the past, calling out. The strings of bubbles are frequently coming out of the water. I even thought that he would bury himself on the bottom of the sea and bury it in the past. When the screen was switched to dinner, the old man took out the red wine as usual, but just placed a glass of wine, which was the old thing of his wife who was picked up on the sea floor. The gentle night is intertwined with the lights. He clinks with his wife in memory and drinks with a bitter bitterness. The guitar rang again, but there was less grief and a little more relief. The film, Kato Kyuyen��s work, won the 81st Oscar for Best Animated Short Film Award in 2009. It is a drop in precious pipes in a lot of high-tech works full of special effects. It is an opportunity for the elderly. It will not throw away the past that is carried by cities that have been submerged by the sea. When love ends in the lips, the hand of the hand, is it sure to be old with the child? When the people around him left, when all the memories sank to the bottom of the sea, the one who survived alone, I am fortunate or unfortunate. It takes a full seven years for humans to forget one thing, because seven years is a replacement cycle of whole body cells, and how much the sea level should rise to completely submerge. I saw the end of the environment and global warming in the short film - the ocean, Nowhere to hide, all the bustling and hustle and bustle are pressed by the layers of houses in the deep blue water, as if falling into the abyss but I see more of the memories of the rising sea level. The sea is like an irresistible time, layer by layer on the good or sad. Even if you use the pipe to open the past, memories are like peeling onions, there is always a layer to make you cry. Every room has a good memory Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and every layer of dive is more heart-rending. In the end, I can only pour two glasses of red wine in a desperate manner. Fortunately, I can��t remember the memories of my own cups, but also have a gentle side. North Island once said that the fire of memories can wake up a person who is about to freeze. Indeed, time can take everything away, but the only thing that can��t be taken away is the warmth that has been deposited in the bottom of my heart for many years. The picture in memory is still vivid, and you are still young and beautiful in memory. I love you, stop at the lips, cover the years, and bury it in the building block.

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