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the meaning of life, it i

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The light of April shines on the now bleak earth, like the warm winter moonlight red flowers in April. There is no snow this year. There are too many minds that are difficult to express, buried in the heart, past events, teasing tea, and recalling the past. The long river of time has never stopped flowing, and our short and embarrassing life has gradually disappeared. I don't know who said it, from the day we were born, it is a step closer to death Carton Of Cigarettes. Woke up from the cold rain of my hometown and looked at the ships coming and going from the Jialing River, the ship, the river. Just like our life, the years are always gone, and that can't be eternal. When one day, when someone discovers that we are buried in the fossils of the earth, we will realize something by chance, oh! It turned out that this person has appeared before Parliament Cigarettes. Snowflakes don't come Marlboro Cigarettes, and Ao Xue's plum blossoms are not so beautiful. In the cold and bleak night, plum blossoms are leaning against the cold wind, quietly blooming, and quietly dying. Did not leave anything valuable, but sprinkled the fragrance on the earth. After the flowering thanks, the spring reveals the vicissitudes of his long-lost, free of illusions, life, and lifeless, lifeless. Under the Meiyu in the south, let the summer's early stage enjoy the interpretation Marlboro Gold, give people a damp mood, wet the heart and think about the strangeness of the world, leaving you a never-ending fantasy, in this season of the phoenix leaves floating in the rain, rain What a precious thing, no one can stop it from coming, but no one is willing to stop it this season, but no one can stop it. Holding a dream, the old year is like a sacred depiction of the heartstrings, the love that never appeared. All the loved ones and all the children feel that this is a good season, just like the moonlight, the bitterness and sweetness. It is an indispensable food for life. For the moonlight, the future will be sprinkled on the earth today. Maybe, the flow of the year never remembers me, but I know it. The ethereal relationship is like the pulse of human beings. It has been beating. When it is not together at the moment, I will say the disappointing words. We want too much, but we have not experienced the feeling of being stretched. The feelings are the snow that flows silently, the river, the cold is also long, and the loneliness is longer. Make a promise that is easy to convince. But never insisted on the end, then we may forget the time, just as the past has been forgotten. Where is the meaning of life, it is taken away by the wind, the twists and turns of coming and going, the life that can't be written, and the raindrops in the stars are bright and abnormal, we have all agreed to be friends, but the autumn of that year It��s so beautiful, when I am meeting, I blow you away, and the moonlight is lightly like a layer of yarn, because of dreams. It seems expensive and elegant, the shadow of the flower that shivers in the wind, I also see, is spreading towards you here, my heart is old, time is quietly at the fingertips, write a pen with a brushstroke The beautiful and sad story, the plum blossoms in the countryside, not the general flavor, no longer proud of the snow frost, just gentle and elegant. In the warm winter heart is still leisurely, do not care about the inner empty, time is light, but dark and faceless. In the ups and downs of life, we are always a song, even if it is dead. Our faith is still young. Walking on the street, the moonlight is clear, I hope you and I will be a pair of encounters in the moonlight.
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