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Best Spread Betting Brokers UK

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Best Spread Betting Brokers UK

Spread betting gives you a chance to invest money in order to get asymmetric returns. This form of trading can be free from certain fees and taxes including stamp duty. But similarly to contracts for differences, this is a very risky form of investment. To get more news about forex brokers for spread betting, you can visit official website.

The most important thing to know about spread betting is that it is very similar to gambling. And gambling is parasitic. Always be aware of what purpose you are attaching your attention to. Whatever you are focused on either drains you or gives you gifts. So be aware of the differences before getting started.

Overall: The volatility of spread betting quickly affects your personality. You know you’re indulging in a parasitic activity when you feel yourself becoming less and less balanced and whole. The moment you attach it to gambling, it will become a pattern of addiction. Your emotions fly up and down. You’re one person one moment, and another person the next.
The best solution to this is to look for productive things you can attach your attention to, such as discipline, saving and avoiding debt to create your own family, growing food, etc. Whatever you focus on transforms the direction of your habits and life. So choose well!
Let’s review the top spread betting brokers available in the UK markets. Each of these services is financially regulated. They allow for retail trading (which means that non-professionals can use this platform to trade). And each is fairly well known.

With China and Russia joining forces against the Collective West, it’s never seemed a more opportunistic time to place a wager in the favour of emerging markets… (However, right now might be the absolute wrong timing, so investigate).

These growing emerging markets also include other growing regions of the world. These places have large natural reserves of valuable resources – countries like South Africa, and the commodity behemoth Brazil.

IG is a reputable brokerage company with deep connections in the financial world.

This means, there are able to offer their users a diverse range of assets all in one hub – access to stocks and bonds, trending index funds, currency pairs and contracts for differences.

That’s not to mention you’ll be able to do spread betting for these assets. Your market access regarding spread betting is also enormous – nearly 20,000 markets you can bet on. Inside each market, lies great diversity.

IG however, offers the greatest amount of exposure to commodities, currencies, shares and indexes. In addition, choose to bear in either direction for each position. You can also amplify your bets using leverage. As with any UK trading platform, your level of amplification is limited to 1:30 for UK retail investors.

For seasoned professionals who have fulfilled the requirements for the right account, your leverage can be much higher. The U.K.’s current limit is 1:222 for spread betting on indices, forex and commodities.

IG nonetheless offers a safeguard to stop you from making a loss that goes over your account balance, if you activate their option which is called Negative Balance Protection. (This is supposedly activated as a default).

Maybe you’re wondering about IG’s commissions? This is another online trading tool that has 0% commission. All fees are amalgamated into the actual spread, so keep track of it – that said, it’s allegedly competitive compared to the industry norm. For example, stocks and indices can be handled at 0.1 points, forex begins at 0.6 and commodities start from 0.3 points.

As a last mention, they also simplify things through their proprietary interface, which is accessible through a no-install browser. And there is also a mobile-friendly version, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS. But to get started, you need to have minimum account funds of £250 – top up your account through cards or bank transfers.

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