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Blue Force Gear Releases Three New Trauma Kits

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Blue Force Gear Releases Three New Trauma Kits

A chunk of the TFB crew has been spending the last couple of days down in southeastern Texas at Bridle Iron South testing and running some of the newest equipment released to the gun industry. Brad from Blue Force Gear was kind enough to come down for the event and run us through some life-saving medical training as well as show us some of the newest trauma kits BFG has to offer. The three new trauma kits were teased back during TFB’s Gun Fest 2021 but have now finally been released to the Blue Force Gear store.To get more news about medical kits, you can visit official website.

The first of the new kits is the Nano Trauma Kit. The Nano is aimed at the EDC community to drop right in your pocket or pouch. The Nano contains a hemostatic agent, a pressure wrap, and a set of gloves. This is meant to supplement the normal carry of your tourniquet along with any other life-saving gear you may save.
In response to the popular Micro Trauma Kit, some users complained that the Micro would not fit standard-sized medical components. Blue Force Gear decided to up the size of the Micro Trauma Kit with the Micro PLUS+ about 30% and can now carry full-sized (6″) pressure dressings and chest seals as opposed to the proprietary ones that came with the Micro.

Finally, the Trauma Kit SMALL is the newest addition to the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit lineup. The Trauma Kit SMALL features two sets of gloves, hemostatic gauze, compressed gauze, a decompression needle, nasal airway, a hypothermia blanket, tape, a 6″ pressure dressing, and full-sized chest seals.

All three of the kits will be available in essentials, pro, and advanced configuration depending on the level of training you have, your budget and personal preferences. The customer can basically put together any type of kit they want and even purchase each of the pouches “A La Carte” so they can fill them out as they see fit.
Items for Your First Aid Kit
Let’s talk about a few different types of first aid kits and some of the items you may want to include in these kits. I’ll also talk about a few of my first aid kits and the items in those kits. From the gunshot wound kit to the range kit, and of course, the boo-boo kit.

The Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is often an ankle-worn kit and part of one’s everyday carry. Most of the pre-packaged IFAKs include a tourniquet (TQ), medical scissors, clotting gauze, chest seal(s), and pressure bandage. Some people may even include nitrile gloves in their IFAKs.

Even if you carry a pocket knife every day, it is still recommended that you include medical scissors as part of your kit. Under stress, it would be very easy to fillet yourself or your patient with a pocket knife while trying to remove their clothing. Medical scissors are rounded to prevent you from cutting flesh.
The Range Kit or Gun Shot Wound (GSW) kit is a step up from the IFAK. It’s often slightly larger because one can simply include the GSW kit as part of their range bag. the range kit will often include everything the IFAK includes but may also include multiple of the same items, larger “Israeli” style pressure bandages, or larger chest seals. The range kit should also include a black marker for marking your TQ. Actually, your IFAK should include the marker, but space is sometimes an issue with an IFAK.

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