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Process used for protein fractionation. Concentrates solids in suspension and solutes with a molecular weight of more than 1,000. The permeate contains organic solutes with a low molecular weight and salts. The most common application is the concentration of milk to make curdled fresh cheese in terrines.Get more news about uf equipment producer,you can vist our website!
Reverse osmosis (RO) is a kind of water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane under pressure applied to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles ,bactaria and so on from water, and is used in both industrial processes and the production of potable water.
RO Water Treatment Plant
Raw water tank-raw water pump-multi-medium filter-active carbon filter -water softner (Sodium Ion exchange)-precision filter RO mainframe(including chemical cleaning device)-ozone generator-finished product water tank
1. Adopting SS304 material With opening design, clear process convenient and sanitation .
2. High quality compound membrane treatment crafts with very low pressure and the capacity of desalinization rate comes to 98% at least .
3 .Auto-check conductance display guarantee watching water quality .
4 Multi medium beforehand filter Increases the capacity of water treatment .
5. Adopts high efficiency active carbon filter which can wipes chlorine of raw water , protect RO membrane and adjust the taste .
6. Sate and reliable electrical system design equipment auto stop protection when open circuit,short circuit and leakage of electricity.
7. Intelligent circuit design equipment auto stop and run when high or low level water
8.RO membrane auto wash and manual wash ,which can protect RO membrane easily.
UF water treatment equipment.Ultra filtration water treatment equipment is a membrane separation process with pressure as the driving force. The membrane of the membrane surface can be used to intercept particles and impurities between 0.002-0.1μm in diameter, which can effectively remove colloid, silicon, protein and microorganisms in water. And macro molecular organics.
Equipment use.Pure water and ultra pure water equipment; medical sterile pyrogenfree water equipment, industrial beverages, drinking water, mineral water purification, industrial separation, concentration, purification, industrial wastewater treatment, electroplating oily wastewater treatment.

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