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Top Best Air Jordan Silhouettes Of All Time

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Top Best Air Jordan Silhouettes Of All Time

When you think of the phrase “sneakerhead” you almost always invision a crispy pair of Air Jordans; laced and styled to perfection with minimal wear and tear, the sneakers sit on a shelf, in airtight glass, in hopes of keeping these prized kicks in tip-top shape. Because of the legacy, icon status, and almost fairy-tale nature of Michael Jordan's life and basketball career, the Air Jordan has become a pop culture and fashion mainstay with the sneaker going strong for over 40 years now. Michael Jordan, Nike, and co. would go on to release 35 (and counting) pairs of these and, with the amount of Air Jordan rereleases slated for this year alone, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate the coveted shoe by running through the top ten best Air Jordan Silhouettes of all time.To get more news about cheap jordans, you can visit cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping official website.

You really can’t discuss the greatness of the Air Jordan 12 without tackling the history of the Flu Game—the sole reason for the 12’s iconic standing. Locked in with a battle against the Utah Jazz in the 1997 NBA Finals, MJ had become sluggish and almost immobile. As he winced in pain and stumbled around the court, a teammate soon figured out that MJ had been feeling under the weather. But, as the Bulls were coming off of a two-game skid against these powerful and tactful Jazz players, something had to give if MJ and the boys wanted another championship. The shift came during Game 5 as MJ battled both the Jazz and illness. In historical MJ fashion though, he stormed through the Jazz, tearing apart their defenses and scoring 38 points. Donning the Air Jordan 12, MJ soared the air, dazzling the arena as the Chicago Bulls cemented themselves victors of the 97 NBA Finals, making the 12s a championship shoe in the process with the bred colorway nicknamed the “Flu Game” 12s. To get more news about cheap jordan shoes, you can visit cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping official website.
Hey, fun fact: did you know that the Air Jordan 5’s rubber soles were inspired by the Nike Marty McFly from the movie Back to the Future II? Yes, Tinker Hatfield had created those shoes for the movie and loved the technology used in the rubber sole and opted to bring that over to MJ’s signature, beginning with the 5. Making their debut in February 1990, the five was released with five colorways with two of the colorways, Metallic/Black and Fire Red having the 23 on the heel. Limited to 100 pairs for sale, they were exclusively given out to the less fortunate or auctioned off. Tinker added personality aesthetics to the 5 with the added detail of a flame decoration along the side of the iconic shoe. Tinker felt that MJ performed on the court “like a fighter plane” and so he drew inspiration from a WWII British Fighter Plane, the Spitfire MkVIII, for inspiration. To get more news about cheap air jordan, you can visit cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping official website.

the Air Jordan 9 was already in production and close to being a finished product. With Michael’s decision being final (for the moment) and with no MJ on the court to wear the next version of the Air Jordan, what was going to happen to the next silhouette? Well, in a history-altering move, Nike felt it was time to give players a special colorway of another player’s shoe as they sought to market the Air Jordan 9 to the masses without “His Airness.” Giving birth to the PE, Nike famously gave Penny Hardaway his own version of the Air Jordan 9 that donned the Orlando Magic colors rather than the Chicago Bulls colors. But the shoe would eventually be worn by MJ himself, just never on the court. In MJ’s NBA retirement, he played Minor League Baseball and sported a version of the Air Jordan 9s as cleats.
First debuting the Air Jordan 11 during his return to the playoffs and to the league after an early and brief retirement, MJ took the floor in the detailed patent shoe against the Orlando Magic. At this point, the Air Jordan 11s were a sample prototype shoe known as the
Continuing the dominance set forth by the creativity and genius of Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 6 was released in 1991, retailing at about $125. Featuring a clear rubber on the outside of the kick and infamous lace locks. Putting a focus on breathability, the sneaker was perforated throughout the silhouette to ensure a comfortable performance on or off the court. Design aside, this sneaker is most famous for being the sneaker that MJ would sport while obtaining his first NBA Championship in the league. Chicago Bulls vs Los Angeles Lakers (of course), this finals represented a kind of changing of the guard for the NBA as the aging Magic faced off against the rising MJ— it was the beginning of a Dynasty. The Bulls would win it 4-1 as Michael Jordan averaged 31.2 points on 56% shooting, 11 assists, 6 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks as he nabbed both the NBA Championship and Finals MVP. Could it have been because of the sneakers? Probably not, but the way MJ played and how gracefully he wore his signature sneakers, he made you believe.

A worthy follow up to the 3, the Air Jordan 4 was the shoe that became associated with "The Shot," the last minute shot attempt that MJ took over the Cleveland Cavaliers, with seconds remaining. Occurring during the 1989 NBA playoffs, MJ found himself in a moment that could potentially become adding to his rapidly growing legacy, and that he did. Wearing the Black Cement colorway of the remarkable silhouette, MJ celebrated as he leaped in the air pumping his fist with pride, vigor, and the trademark Jordan swag that we would remember him for. And it was because of this performance that the 3s became a cultural phenomenon. Maybe the fans couldn’t be freaks of nature like MJ but with the purchase of the shoes, they could at least dress like Mike, creating a more accessible version of MJ than the league had seen up until that point.

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