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The New August Wifi Smart Lock is Now Available

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The New August Wifi Smart Lock is Now Available

After a bit of an understandable delay, August has finally released their updated Smart Lock, which is now available via the company’s website. The company are selling the new lock – which comes in Silver or Matte Black – for US$249.99, or if you want to add the August Keypad, you can get the combo pack for just $309.99.To get more news about bluetooth smart lock, you can visit official website.

The new model no longer uses Bluetooth for its main connection, but Wi-fi. This means the August Connect Wifi bridge they also sell will no longer be required for those out of reach of their Home Hub (Apple TV, HomePod etc).
The other difference is down to size; the lock is overall 45% smaller in volume, and 20% slimmer than the current model, the August Lock Pro. As it uses wifi, the battery arrangement has changed from four AA batteries to two CR123 batteries, also commonly referred to as half AA batteries.
The company’s DoorSense technology is retained, and will still work with the three main smart home ecosystems. As already, mentioned, the lock comes in two finishes new finishes – Matt Black and Silver with the company’s previous offerings being Silver and grey options). August has also opted for a new design for the turn part of the lock itself.
This thing is an absolute game-changer. But if you’re wondering if you can still unlock or lock the door manually with your hands, the answer is yes. Sure, you can control the lock with your smartphone, but there’s going to be times you’ll want to go the old fashioned route and simply lock the door from the inside using your hand. That’s a given.

But having the ability to do it with your phone or voice is truly out of this world. Speaking of voice, the August WiFi Smart Lock is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Instead of launching the app to control the lock, I simply tell Siri “Unlock the front door” and boom, open sesame. The same goes for locking it too. Since having this lock on my door, I think I’ve only opened the app a handful of times to unlock my front door. The app is user-friendly, and it offers a ton of different helpful features, but being able to control it simply by using my voice gets the job done.
Here’s where it comes in really handy: I’ve caught myself a few times already laying down in bed ready for sleep to have my wife ask if I had locked the front door. Previously, I would have to walk down the stairs to check to see if it was locked manually – and in most cases, it wasn’t – and I would feel awful about leaving the door open to anyone who wanted a glimpse of that sweet Raposo life. So now, when she asks, I simply look her in the eye and command Siri to lock the front door me. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that will never get old.

Another particularly neat feature is the app’s geofencing auto-lock and unlock capabilities. If your smartphone is within 656 feet (200 meters) of the lock, whether you’re leaving or returning home, the lock can be locked or unlocked automatically. You’ll just have to set your desired preferences in the app. This alone is a very helpful feature, especially for absent-minded folks like me.

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