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10 Best Smart Locks of 2022

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10 Best Smart Locks of 2022

Much like a smart thermostat gives you remote control over the temperature inside your home, a smart lock gives you access to lock and unlock your front door from anywhere. Automation features allow you to do things like set individual keypad codes for visitors and unlock your door automatically when you arrive home, and most also work with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for hands-free control.To get more news about best wifi smart door lock, you can visit official website.

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi (available at Amazon) is the best smart lock you can buy. The 6-in-1 deadbolt offers an impressive combination of usability, smarts, and strength. Looking for something cheaper? The Wyze Lock (available at Amazon) is packed with features and value. There are plenty of other great door locks on our list, too, so you can tailor your ideal smart security.
We use a piece of an actual door for the installation process. We assemble each one, noting which ones had newbie-friendly instructions, and which ones made us want to pull our hair out.
Once each lock is installed, we test the accompanying mobile app on Android and iOS, over Wi-Fi and cellular data (when applicable). We rated each one on lock/unlock speed, app interface, connection reliability, responsiveness when used with voice assistants, ease of installation, and more.

We paid special attention to ease of use and reliability. After all, if you’re spending the money to upgrade to a smart lock, it needs to work well. Every time.

Our tests proved that not all locks are as smart as you’d think, and when it comes to your home’s security, it might be better to opt for a reliable, easy-to-use lock over one that’s loaded with potentially confusing and unnecessary features.Digital keypads are great when you don’t have a spare key to borrow the dog walker or babysitter, and also for those times when you lock yourself out of the house. Some smart locks even come with fingerprint sensors for super-quick unlocking, or geofencing so your house unlocks automatically as you arrive home. Ultimately, these are what make smart locks “smart,” and will probably be the main ways you unlock your door.

However, most smart locks also come with traditional keys that you can use to lock and unlock the door as you normally would. It’s a good idea to key the spare key on your keyring (or in a safe place where you can easily access it) in case something goes wrong—like you lose power or the batteries in the smart lock die (although many will notify you well before this happens). In addition, you might want to consider a lock that shares compatibility with the other locks in your house.
Can a Smart Lock be Hacked?
Yes. Like any smart product, it’s possible to hack into a smart lock. Cybersecurity should be a consideration, but you should also consider the many ways a smart lock offers more security than a “dumb” one.

While possible, the odds of someone having the know-how and motivation to hack your smart lock are going to be much lower than the odds of a door accidentally left unlocked, a burglar finding your spare physical key hiding under a rock, or a burglar using that rock to smash a window. A smart lock prevents many unfortunate scenarios that can result from the vulnerabilities of a dumb lock.

A smart lock can auto-lock your door, ensuring it isn’t left unsecured. It eliminates the need for spare/hidden keys and therefore lowers the likelihood one will be stolen, lost, or copied. And depending on the product you choose, your fingerprint or phone will be all you need to get in your house—no more fumbling for keys.

While the device introduces some risks, it eliminates others and adds a lot of conveniences. Just make sure the password to your smart lock isn’t “password,” and you’re likely to come out ahead over a standard deadbolt.

Smart Assistant Compatibility
Whether you use Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, it’s important to make sure the smart lock you choose works with your preferred smart assistant. It may seem obvious, but not all smart locks play nice with certain voice assistants.

Many smart locks work with both Alexa and Google Assistant, but that’s not always the case with Siri. To avoid any surprises or headaches, look for a model that’s compatible with the smart assistant you use most. Compatibility information can be found on the product’s page or the exterior of the product’s packaging.There’s always a potential privacy risk involved when you use internet-connected devices at home. To help safeguard your smart home, there are some steps you can take.

First, look for devices that offer two-factor authentication, which sends a code to your mobile device to verify it’s you. That way, if someone tries to hack into your account, you will receive an alert and can quickly take care of the problem. Many devices also allow you to activate email or other push notifications in the settings to alert you if someone has logged on.

Additionally, make sure to use a unique, strong password composed of multiple characters, numbers, and letters for each of your smart home accounts. Data breaches feel like the norm as of late, making it all the more important to use different passwords across multiple websites and apps.

When using any devices with smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, you can further protect your privacy by regularly deleting your voice recordings and muting the speaker’s mic when it’s not in use.

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