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How to Create Video Popups to Boost Customer Engagement Immensely? What would you choose to learn more about a product or service – to wa

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In most cases, I’d go with the video. And not just me, in fact, 72% of respondents admit they would rather watch a video to get information about a product. It’s a fast and easy way that does not require much effort from a consumer. Another study suggests that 79% of people have been convinced to buy or sign up for the app by watching a video.

Think of it. Over half of the internet is too big a number to ignore. In this article, we will focus on how to integrate video content in your communication with customers to catch more leads.

The easiest way? Video popups..

Table of contents
What is a video popup?
Why are video popups important?
When to create a video popup?
How to create a popup video? (No coding required)
Step 1. Find the right tool to build your popup
Step 2. Choose an appropriate video platform
Step 3. Сreate a design that is not annoying
Step 4. Set up the display and targeting rules
Step 5. Save and publish your video popup
How to create a popup video mobile version?
Final words
What is a video popup?
Video popup is that little window with a video that suddenly emerges on the website Best Database Provider page at a certain moment. This moment is defined by the rules you set up, such as the number of visits by a user, time on page, time before exit intent, and all that jazz.

To create video popups, you must prepare and upload the videos to any video platform beforehand. After that, just insert the link to your video in a popup editor tool. More on that later.

Why are video popups important?
While Instagram switches its focus to video content, TikTok extends the video length up to 3 minutes up from 60 seconds, and YouTube testing Shorts, it’s time to think about video content in your business strategy as well.

A video is indeed a unique form of content that can be entertaining and educational at the same time. People can consume it on the go while driving a car, walking the street, or having breakfast.

Studies demonstrate that 80% of people remember the visual content, compared to just 20% who can recall the written materials and only 10% who can recall the audio content. Users simply comprehend information better when it’s visual like an image or video.

People remember visual content better
People remember visual content better
Besides, this memory lasts much longer, as people can remember 65% of the ocular materials even almost three days later. So sharing blog content is great but offering your customers to watch a product video can open much more opportunities for engaging with users.

Some of the main benefits of leveraging video pop-ups are the following:

Increased visitor engagement
Better conversion rate
Improved ROI. (About 74% of marketers report that video has a better return on investment than static images.)
Enhanced SEO metrics. (Videos increase the time visitors spend on your website and Google just loves video content.)
When to create a video popup?
If video pop-ups are so useful and important, how and when best are they used in a video marketing strategy?

Try to make use of a video popup when you want to:

Introduce your product or service to newbies WhatsApp Mobile Number List who enter the page for the first time. You can adjust the popup display settings based on the number of visits and the time they spend on your website.
Share an educational video with your audience. Show the popup when users click on the product or service landing page.
Announce a special deal in a promotional video. Display the popup when visitors click on the pricing or sign up button.
Tell your company’s story. For example, when video pop ups on the About us page.
How to create a popup video? (No coding required)
So far, we have figured out the definition and importance of a video popup. Now, let’s talk about how to create and add a video popup to your website. With the right feasible platform, trust me, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to create and set up a popup video, no coding is needed.

Here is a quick educational video on the topic. We use the popup builder from HelpCrunch as an example.

Step 1. Find the right tool to build your popup
Okay, let’s imagine you’ve already created a beautiful video for the users and want to share it in a popup. How to actually build that popping-up window and integrate the video inside it? What’s the best tool for it?

There are three options here.

All-inclusive tool. If you need not just a popup builder, but a comprehensive solution for communication with customers (like, live chat, knowledge base, etc.) then you better go with a unified platform that among other features provides a strong popup builder like HelpCrunch.
Separate tool for popups only. In case you look for popup software only, then you might want to consider tools, such as Wisepops, Poptin, etc. They allow users to build popups without any coding skills.
Plugin for WordPress. If you have a WordPress website, you can add a plugin to create video pop-ups. But you are unlikely to be able to do it without at least some simple cod

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