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WoW Classic Anchor Ruins in Close Quarters Battle Not Allocated Gold becomes the norm WoW Classic Anchor Ruins in Close Quarters Battle Not Allocated Gold b

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Also a 20-player group book in the World of Warcraft classic, the heat of Ankara Ruins and Zurglab are vastly different. Zulgrub has been hot since it was first opened, while the Ankara Ruins has only been open for a month and not many people have been playing it, and it can even be said that the Ankara Ruins is the fastest cooling copy in World of Warcraft Classic. Due to the dwindling of the Anchorah Ruins group, there was a big difference in the status of different professions in the copy. Buy wow classic gold

Close Quarters Battle Not Allocated Gold Becomes the Norm

In the recent past, the limited copies of the Anchirah team that you see in the Gathering Stones have included a "Close Quarters Battle for no pay" message. When this message just appeared, a lot of players were very confused about it, so why go to the wow classic gold group to fight the gold group without allocated wow classic gold. However Close Quarters Battle unallocated wow classic gold did not result in teams not being able to form a team and as the number of such Close Quarters Battle unallocated wow classic gold teams grew, the Anchor Ruins wow classic Gold Crew even started selling tickets to Close Quarters Battle players.

Not being a pure boss to fight the gold group, not allocated gold is also fine, since there is still a ticket charge, this is obviously unprecedented in World of Warcraft Classic, yet even so, there are still many Close Quarters Battle players who would rather deliver tickets and enter Ben, it can be seen how attractive the Anchorah Ruins are to Close Quarters Battle. On the other hand, the healing profession is becoming more and more subsidized in the ruins of Ankara.

Analysis of why Close Quarters Battle was discredited

So why would Close Quarters Battle not be allocated wow classic gold and still be able to be recognized by players in the Anchor Ruins? The reason is really just two things.

The first point is that the equipment dropped in the Anchirah Ruins is of limited value, and in the early days, you can still rely on all kinds of skill books to raise your earnings, but now the skill books are worthless, and other than Close Quarters Battle professions, other professions have no demand for the equipment in the Anchirah Ruins. A trip to the Ankara Ruins will take at least an hour or so, and only a few tens of wow classic gold can be allocated in the end, which is completely disproportionate to the time gained, so naturally very few players are willing to continue to fight the Ankara Ruins.

The second point is that other professions don't want to fight the Ankara Ruins, but Close Quarters Battle has to fight the Ankara Ruins, and in the case of the Warrior, for example, the Ruins Tail King Scarless drops the Frosted Warhammer, Savage Wristguard, and 58 Crossbow, all of which are version of secondary BIS gear. While there are better ones in Ankara, but with the price of the equipment in Ankara and the drop rate and the week long CD, the equipment in Ankara Ruins is a bit better to get, and in this case the number of warriors can be imagined, and if not limited, a group can even form more than 10 warriors.

With these two factors, the status quo in Anchor Ruins is that there are few tanks, few remotes, very few healings, a bunch of Close Quarters Battle, a small number of professions that go to earn wow classic gold, and a large number of professions that go to spend, and each takes what it needs, and that becomes the norm.

The best way is to start your own tour.

In fact, for warrior players, if they want to get the equipment dropped by the Ankara Ruins faster, they can get hunters to jump monsters directly in front of the Scarless, it only takes 10 minutes to jump monsters, and 25 minutes at most to beat the monsters in front of the Scarless plus the Scarless itself, and more than 10 people can fight. However, teams in this situation won't usually form another Close Quarters Battle, after all, the Close Quarters Battle leader doesn't want others to raise their prices, so the best way is to start your own group.

All in all, enjoy your selves in Black Friday Sale! In addition, you can also buy cheap wow classic gold from us forever!

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